Skills reduce risks.

We all know that when we have someone by our side who knows where to go and above all how to do it, things are simpler. Not easy, but simple.

Growing is important and we know how to do it better!

Working Process knowledge at the service of your company.

WP Engineering

Able to follow the production process in its entirety. Beginning with the precise drafting of the business plan, moving on to project and production process analysis, we are able to study alternative and more effective methods aimed at efficient production unit design, encompassing all its spheres of action: from structural and graphic layout, to integration with company software and logistics.

WP Marketing & Sales

Planning medium- and long-term commercial strategies is the key to staying up-to-date and competitive in terms of production and innovation. This is why we are able to offer web marketing development activities alongside precise and effective communication and advertising work capable of responding adequately to the needs of a constantly evolving market.

WP Finance

Starting from the economic/financial analysis of the company, we are able to manage financial projects in the best possible way, guaranteeing the experience gained and in-depth knowledge of subsidised finance that concretely favours the development of the entrepreneurial fabric. What we offer you is a complete check-up, covering the various corporate and entrepreneurial aspects of the sector.

Why WP CONSULTING 4.0 is concretely your ideal partner?

Many existing companies, or entrepreneurs, who intend starting up a new business, need a partner with specific and global skills in the wood frame production sector.

We do “Mechatronics”

We design and develop both the mechanical part of our machinery and the IT, logic and supervision parts. We exploit global knowledge and creatively employ all that is best in terms of material technologies, software, electronics… to create cutting-edge solutions for our partners and allow them to develop real competitive advantages in against its competitors.

We are proud… even for what you don’t find in our offer.

We are always at your disposal

Our work begins by taking care of the machines and systems when they enter your company.


The Hot-line telephone service – concerns the resolution of any problem and/or requirement that can be resolved by telephone. The service is guaranteed during working hours and must be returned within four hours following the request sent by the Customer.


Following telephone contact, problems that cannot be solved by telephone and not concerning mechanical parts, are resolved thanks to the remote assistance with connection to the machine by one of our IT technicians.


Following telephone contact, problems that cannot be resolved by telephone and concerning mechanical parts, are resolved thanks to the specialized intervention on site by our specialized technicians, having this type of intervention the right of priority by contract.