!SAVE THE DATE! Working Process opens its doors to the public from 11 to 15 June to witness firsthand the first edition of the TWC EXPERIENCE, where it will be possible to observe different simulations of production cycles on the Logos Life Evo 3563 system, also equipped with an IMML Intelligent Warehouse, and discover the TWC philosophy in all its aspects.

This philosophy is founded, in fact, on two main guidelines: Technology Without Compromises and Together With Customer.

Thanks to the first meaning it is possible to convey the desire of our company not to want to compromise with technology and mechanics but to want to bring it on board our machines.

Furthermore, the TWC concept has also been extended to the entire customer portfolio, both current and potential. In Working Process, in fact, we listened to what the customers themselves wanted and we also acted based on their suggestions.

Our goal is to secure a customer, not just a sale.