Logos Life Evo 3563 IMML UML


The Logos LIFE EVO machining centre has been designed for machining, by means of chip removal, single elements for wooden window frames.

For more details we recommend the Logos LIFE EVO product page.

Why Wolf Fenster Spa chose Working Process:

At first, I had decided not to purchase Working Process. Despite the many technological advantages it offered.

Then, I wanted to understand what had happened to those who had made this choice before me. I contacted many colleagues. In various countries. I then decided to analyse everything again without preconceptions.

But the trigger for my choice came when I briefly reviewed the stages of my entrepreneurial history.

I realised that the day I stopped taking risks… I would definitely take the biggest risk.

In the Working Process proposal, I found technological superiority in combination with excellent customer satisfaction. The enthusiasm for a shared choice between Customer and Manufacturer and the right risk that an innovative project must have within it.

Buying another solution, simply because it seemed a safe choice, was no longer my priority.