The first replanting of 500 fir and larch trees on Friday 22nd May in Val di Fiemme was successfully completed: the startup Vaia, Etifor and the “Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme” joined forces torevive and restore the environmental balance in the forests of the Dolomites, devastated by the terrible storm Vaia in 2018. Now the goal of the start-up, founded by Federico Stefani from Trentino, Paolo Milan from Veneto and Giuseppe Addamo from Sicily, is the planting of 7 thousand trees, as many as the Vaia Cube sold at the moment.

The phases of this first step, which took place last week, include the cleaning of the forest, the planting of young trees and/or assistance to the natural regrowth of seedlings respecting the regional forest management plan; forest maintenance and improvement of damaged forest infrastructures (paths, rest areas, etc.), FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification of the forestand GPS identification of the project areas. Etifor will ensure compliance with FSC standards, good forest management and quantification of positive impacts for CO2 capture and conservation andpositive effects in the fight against climate change.

Each Vaia Cube, made from fir wood from the Val di Fassa, is a unique piece and allows you to propagate any sound in a completely natural way by inserting your smartphone inside it. The idea ofthe Vaia team is to apply this circular model whenever there is an environmental problem, a waste or an emergency due to climate change. The goal is to intervene by producing design objects thatdo not further compromise the ecosystem and that are functional to regenerate the areas that have been affected.