The Cordoba company launches its new automated window production line.

The TORRERO-TORINCO Group has more than one hundred years of experience, knowledge and tradition in carpentry. Because he knows wood, he is capable of innovating with it.

Herein lies its ability to bring together a very complete range of wooden windows: high-performance acoustic and thermal insulation, large formats and designs not achievable with any other material, resistant to fire and even bullet impact… Endless casings and i their accessories that do not end here, but continue to improve thanks to the technical development of the prestigious company from Pedro Abad (Córdoba), where the common denominator is wood, and the objective is always differentiation in the market.

For two years TORINCO has been working on what is now its new production line: a cutting-edge automatic WORKING PROCESS profile machining center. Preceded by a WEINIG moulder, a HEESEMANN leveler and a SALVADOR miter saw.

Formatrice WEINIG
Troncatrice SALVADOR

This new line allows TORINCO to design and create new profiles and to offer many innovations to the market. Once again in search of differentiation. One of these new profiles is the basis for the improvement of the 50 dB window, which has already achieved very satisfactory results in the first tests carried out at ENSATEC.

From now on, the new ACUSTORR 50 dB significantly changes the profile, its manufacturing method is more practical, fully automated and allows a variety of profiles and other aesthetic details to be incorporated into the product, always ensuring optimal acoustic behavior of the window .


“Comfort or aesthetics cannot be quantified, because it is something subjective. With ACUSTORR we can be objective, record values and demonstrate that by working in a certain way it is possible to obtain greater benefits”, says Antonio Torrero, member of the technical office of the Andalusian company.
However, the future of any company is based on the search for new products or solutions, which is why they are already working on developing a prototype with noise reduction rates above 50 dB.


In 2016 TORINCO obtained the Passive House certification for the warm season for its EUROTORR 92 window. “We were the first company to put a wooden window in the Institute’s database and, therefore, on the market,” recalls Antonio Torrero.

Over the years, TORINCO has improved this product by incorporating an insulating material into the profiles, and reaching values of 0.8 U frame with a section of 92 mm, also valid in cold climates.


Public aid is arriving for the replacement of envelopes to help improve energy efficiency in buildings. “We understand that these grants will be well planned and should serve to undertake real solutions,” confide the executives of the Cordoba company.

TORINCO finishes its wooden profiles with the latest generation coatings from SIKKENS-AKZO NOBEL.
“Finishing is an aspect of our product that concerns us a lot,” says Antonio Torrero. We understand that it is one of the sensitive points of carpentry. In addition to aesthetics, its function is to protect the wood and preserve its durability. This is why we have selected a good coating and pamper the application process.”

The SIKKENS color chart for external carpentry is broad and modern. Furthermore, TORINCO has incorporated numerous wood surface finishes into its range: textured, aged, pickled… very popular today and which give a lot of play when it comes to surprising the customer.

In a constant commitment to improve product quality, TORINCO is accredited by SIKKENS with a license to offer a LONG LIFE guarantee on exterior wood coatings for up to 12 years, making them market leaders in this regard.


TORINCO is a founding member of the Spanish Association of Wooden Window Manufacturers (ASOMA).

“ASOMA is a meeting point for all companies that produce windows with wood,” observes Antonio Torrero. We work to match ourselves above, with quality. We monitor the inconsistencies that administrations may make, disseminating and promoting the benefits of wood for external carpentry”.


TORINCO’s corporate philosophy has historically been based on offering not only a product, but also complete, rapid and personalized service and attention. Therefore, the highest percentage of its billing responds to installed projects, after-sales service and customer service at all times. To do this, it has an infrastructure and a stable human team that allow it to give a quick and effective response to the customer. “We don’t work much with intermediaries, installers or carpenters; this is why we are not present in many areas of Spain”, clarifies Lorenzo Nadales, director of the company.


TORINCO has equipped itself technically to grow, improve and be able to respond to market demands, designing and creating a simple but robust, minimalist window. “We dominate the window with hidden sash, which has a growing demand, we can obtain 66 mm profiles. of door leaf, two-quadrant profiles of different woods, for the inside and outside, assembled, without the need for nailing, screwing or gluing… -explains Antonio Torrero-. All of this worked from a very high quality perspective.”

TORINCO is currently developing a lifting slide with only 38 mm. Profile. It will soon be the flagship product of the Cordoba company. All glass and, what’s more, liftable.

Meanwhile, TORINCO’s acoustic window is a hit in major hotel chains, particularly in Madrid, and its passive house solutions work perfectly in beautiful homes in Andalusia, the Balearic Islands or Extremadura.

Outside of Spain, TORINCO windows are particularly popular in Mexico and increasingly known in the Caribbean area.