More than 16 years in the development of woodworking machines have allowed Working Process, owner of the CML and WP brands, to get to know the needs of the window and door market, devising innovative solutions to simplify processes and reduce management costs.

The sum total of the skills acquired by this company located in Niviano di Rivergaro, a few kilometres from Piacenza, lies in the new line for the production of door and window frames developed for a well-known leading French brand.

The solution, which runs for a total length of about 120 metres, has been conceived with the aim of improving the level of automation, reducing downtime and allowing the use of unskilled labour: from a simple rod of raw wood about 6 metres long, the machine is in fact able to obtain five completely finished pieces – i.e. turned, milled, drilled, squared, internally and externally profiled and machined in its details – in about 60 seconds.

“Our mission is to improve the level of flexibilitỳ in a production sector that has always been rather rigid,” explains Filippo Schegginetti, the company’s marketing manager. “Today, thanks to the collaboration of a partner such as Omron – we are able to perform several machining operations with a single line, in practice, from the raw element we are able to produce a finished product that only needs to be assembled and sent for painting.”