Pavanello Serramenti

Pavanello Serramenti and Working Process: a partnership for victory!

When I was asked a few days ago to write these few lines freely and independently to tell the story and experience of Pavanello/Working Process, I was surprised at first, but then perhaps a little jealous.
Telling your competitive advantages to others, especially colleagues, actually means paving the way for them. That’s right… a Working Process plant is in fact a big investment, but it provides the weapons to be able to fight on a daily basis in today’s market!
Now you know it too!

Pavanello first came into contact with Working Process back in 1999 when we were evaluating the installation of a first numerical control system.
And since then we have not stopped collaborating.
The Working Process plants have always stood out for their versatility in machining and absolute non-standardisation.
This has been their strength over the years and is even more so in today’s market.
Companies, like ours, no longer live on large quantities, which, perhaps fortunately, have moved on to other markets such as PVC, but on customisation.
The customer who approaches wood is very demanding and, like a made-to-measure suit, expects a window built around his needs. The companies themselves must and want to provide something special in order to stand out from the crowd.

Being able to produce something customised automatically and with the precision of machinery is therefore a great competitive advantage.
That is why with the equipment of our friends at Working Process we can only win!

Dr. Marco Pavanello
Direttore Commerciale
F.lli Pavanello Srl