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News and curiosities from the world of wooden windows and beyond.

  • Italy: one house in 14 is built of wood

    A trend that doesn't seem to stop, based on important advantages such as sustainability

  • The Quality Backstage – part 2

    Article published in Sistema Serramento June 2023 We reported the first part of the

  • Intelligent design in the era of the digital revolution

    Just as the repercussions of the industrial revolution on the change in technological, economic

  • The superior quality

    At B.G Legno, investments in technology are considered the condition for being "on par"

  • A new window on Tuscany

    We propose an excursus on the history of the window over the ages, up

  • XYLON : Working Process Woodworking in the times of “Covid-19”

    interview for Xylon How did you react to this emergency? “First of all, by

  • Version 4.0 systems for doors and windows

    The focus of Working Process's production is dedicated to numerically controlled machines and lines

  • Technology Without Compromises®

    The technological flexibility of a Working Process system implies a link with the designer,

  • Windows in art

    FUTURISTIC WINDOWS In this painting, the futurist painter Umberto Boccioni portrays a woman from

  • The fourth industrial revolution in Working Process

    The Industry 4.0 plan allows you to create the intelligent factory, an opportunity to

  • Windows in art

    The path of twentieth-century art is made up of stages that marked the progressive

  • The window into history

    What is the shape of a window? The question is deceptively simple and each

  • Forest bathing: the “bath in the forest” that takes care of you and makes you feel good

    It helps the soul, but also the body: walking immersed in the woods helps

  • Skyscrapers and wood: the Mjøsa Tower in Norway

    The Mjøsa Tower will be the tallest building in the world to be made

  • Italy is the third largest importer of wood and derivatives in the EU

    81.3% of its forest surface is available for wood harvesting: why is the logic

  • The surprising discovery of the plastic-eating bacterium

    In a world where around 50 million tonnes of plastic are produced per year,

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Vindunor A/S & Working Process s.r.l.
Un #team di #successo batte con un solo #cuore.
come anticipato, ecco il video della linea completa a fine installazione.
L’impianto è ora pronto per iniziare a…

Working Process s.r.l.

Lambert Kozijnen B.V. & Working Process s.r.l.
Una bella testimonianza, un video realizzato a nostra insaputa da Lambert Kozijnen B.V. azienda di grande eccellenza nel panorama europeo.

Working Process s.r.l.

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Pubblichiamo meno reportage delle nostre accettazioni con i clienti, siamo copiati anche lì ed il filone comincia ad essere inflazionato.

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