Thanks to a line designed on the Sysmac platform, Working Process S.r.l. has managed to bring together all the window manufacturing processes in a single automated line. All in compliance with the required safety parameters.

have allowed Working Process, owner of the CML and WP brands, to understand the needs of the window and door market, devising innovative solutions to simplify processes and reduce management costs.

“Our mission is to improve the level of flexibility in a production sector that has always been rather rigid” explains Fillippo Schegginetti, marketing manager of the company “today, thanks to the collaboration of a partner like Omron, we are able to carry out multiple processes with one single line, in practice, from the raw element we are able to produce a finished product that only needs to be assembled and sent for painting”.

“This line – explains Fillippo Schegginetti – is the perfect combination of the skills gained in the field of flexible CNC-based solutions and those more typical of the world of high production capacity lines. It is a line with very large dimensions that exploits the high degree of freedom and flexibility”.