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Working Process designs and builds systems for the processing of high added value windows and doors and based on the principle that the best production process is the one that guarantees the client company to define a winning business model.

Our mission is to revolutionise ways of working wooden window and doors and to be the bravest company on the market.

Courage, Flexibility and Avant-garde.

Why do we do this?

The question of having or not having a fixture processing plant has been resolved.

Our solutions make everything that has been produced to date obsolete, opening up a huge market and creating a competitive advantage for our partners.

Transforming the window and door industry process by designing and building customized solutions that contribute to the entrepreneurial success of our partners.

WP over time

Our mission!

Courage that gives rise to our TWC philosophy, “Technology Without Compromise“, which has led us to go beyond the conventional limits of machines, thanks to the involvement of all the people working in Working Process and all the external partners in the entire supply chain.

We dedicate our days to developing the most advanced ideas to be applied to the production of wooden windows and doors. In other words, we create cutting-edge technology, dedicated solely to those who produce windows and doors, following the production process in its entirety.

Research and Innovation

Doing research and development requires curiosity and a willingness to work hard, measuring your strengths and believing in yourself and your resources.

Curiosity as an inquisitive desire about the nature of an object or phenomenon fuels science and human study: it stems from the desire to understand the infinite dimensions of reality and ensures that important discoveries and innovations are achieved through the search for answers to questions, even those far removed from practical applications.

We do “Mechatronics”

We design and develop both the mechanical part of our machinery and the IT, logic and supervision parts. We exploit global knowledge and creatively employ all that is best in terms of material technologies, software, electronics… to create cutting-edge solutions for our partners and allow them to develop real competitive advantages in against its competitors.

We are proud… even for what you don’t find in our offer.

We are always at your disposal

Our work begins by taking care of the machines and systems when they enter your company.


The Hot-line telephone service – concerns the resolution of any problem and/or requirement that can be resolved by telephone. The service is guaranteed during working hours and must be returned within four hours following the request sent by the Customer.


Following telephone contact, problems that cannot be solved by telephone and not concerning mechanical parts, are resolved thanks to the remote assistance with connection to the machine by one of our IT technicians.


Following telephone contact, problems that cannot be resolved by telephone and concerning mechanical parts, are resolved thanks to the specialized intervention on site by our specialized technicians, having this type of intervention the right of priority by contract.