BG Legno

A few days ago, I was asked to express my free thoughts on Working Process.
I must admit that I was very pleased and proud to be able to express what I have experienced in this adventure of ours.

Being a fast-growing company and strongly projected towards the future and innovations, both in terms of product and production concept, we perceived the ‘need’ to create, with an equally innovative and detail-oriented partner, our new production line. And this explains why we met with Working Process.

The production of windows and doors, wood and wood aluminium, today requires impeccable levels of quality and service. In addition to this, we must clearly strive to offer, through our market and product studies, increasingly innovative and design-oriented windows and doors.

The difference is made with the details, and to make these details unique, you need facilities like those made by Working Process where, in addition to the machine, you also find people who can listen to you and make your requests become reality. Professionals full of energy and a desire to innovate, a team made up of people used to working as a team, with the common goal of satisfying the customer’s needs.

Today I can say that, thanks to the new line and our product research, we can offer the market something that until YESTERDAY WAS NOT THERE.

Thank you all!

Olla Samuel