Tradition of Quality since 1969.

Because BERTRAND have been building up their brand since 1969. In that time we have quenched the dreams of our numerous customers in Poland, Europe and worldwide. Bertrand is a renowned manufacturer of windows, doors and curtain walls. We are very proud to have earned the respect of investors in a variety of sectors: residential, commercial, historical restoration, and even the most demanding field of passive and energy efficient construction.

What is the highest quality of BERTRAND products a result of?
The highest quality of our products is achieved by the use of the most uptodate technologies and continuous investments into R&D. Being one of the few manufacturers in Poland to have successfully introduced modern solutions into the market making us a pioneer of innovation and development within this sector. The quality, safety and comfort of our products are confirmed by numerous prestigious awards and certificates.

Why is BERTRAND’S offer so comprehensive?
So you don’t waste any of your precious time. You can choose from a wide range of materials: PVC systems, variety of timbers ranging from traditional pine to exotic species from around the world, aluminium systems as well as composite systems of PVC-aluminium and timberaluminium.
To complement our range of windows and doors you can choose from a vast spectrum of accessories e.g. rollershutters, venetian blinds, insect screens, shutters, garage doors or even marquises or full glass constructions. We also offer numerous modern control systems e.g. radio, internet or biometrics.